Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien)

TU Wien has concentrated its research in five research focal areas (and one additional field) – one of them being Energy and Environment, where emphasis is set on interdisciplinary research and cross-linking of activities of research groups. Generally, research activities linked to ACTRIS contribute to the research field ‘Environmental Monitoring and Climate Adaption’.

ACTRIS connects projects carried out within the research units or groups Environmental Analytics, Physical Chemistry of the Atmosphere Water Quality Management, Geophysics, This can be visualized via recent activities at the Sonnblick Observatory. Research at this high mountain site allows the characterization of background conditions above Europe, to identify long range transport of natural or anthropogenic pollution events and to investigate basic and applied research questions related to atmospheric processes and deposition. 

Present research projects comprise aerosol characterization, ice nucleation, wet deposition and permafrost monitoring. 

Role in ACTRIS:

  • Coordinator within ACTRIS Austria
  • Contributions to aerosol and cloud measurements at Sonnblick


  • Aerosol parameter
  • Cloud and precipitation measurements


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Anne Kasper-Giebl
Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics